Macau casino is robbed for $ 6 million in chips

The security problem still rises to the surface in Macau with this theft which was perpetrated again in a casino in the city. The loot of the thieves has been enormous, as it is about 6 million US dollars, stolen in the form of tokens. This is what was reported by CNN. A croupier would have been the initiator of this theft.

For some time now, the city of Macau has been plagued by insecurity with the numerous thefts that take place there. This time around, there was a significant sum totaling US $ 6 million. This is about the theft of tokens, reports CNN. The casino concerned is the Wynn. The thief who carried out this theft is a croupier within the establishment. To be able to steal such an amount in token, he used a bag and then he went to look for them in the VIP room.

The dealer then fled with the 6 million loot in front of the agents and unfortunately for him he was caught on camera by the casino’s surveillance cameras. However with the collaboration with other people, he had to sell the 6 million, because it was necessary to exchange. A badly established strategy or too large a sum has gone to his head? However, this new episode of theft further demonstrates the enduring security problem in the city of games.

It is also proof so far of the lack of strengthening of surveillance in gaming rooms, which constitutes a real risk especially for VIP players, who are nevertheless beginning to make their gradual return to the unique city of games from China.